WWII Malta and Sicily | 14 days

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land: Malta MLA

leave: Catania CTA

WWII Malta and Sicily -  14 days
Malta (3 night) Siracusa (2 night) Agrigento (2 night) Palermo (3 night) Taormina (3 night)


Day 1 (Sunday) Malta
Our Staff Disposal: transfer-in only
Welcome to the warm, beautiful and pleasant island of Malta! Upon arrival at Malta airport (MLA) please proceed through the Passport Control and collect your luggage inside the customs area. Then
transfer at hotel.

Day 2 (Monday) Malta Highlights
Malta Driver Guide Disposal: from h 9AM to h 4PM
Today, our first stop is the capital Valletta, which was built by the Knights of St. John in 1565. Here we include the Barraka Gardens, which offer stunning views of the Grand Harbour and magnificent fortifications, a walk down Triq Republikka where you can admire numerous historical buildings built by the Knights of St. John (Admission fee: not included) including the Aubereges, the Grand Masters Palace and the St. John's Co. Cathedral, the church of the order and also home to Caravaggio's masterpiece "Beheading of St. John" amongst other treasures. After our tour of the capital we will then visit the south west of the island where the ancient Hagar Qim Temple (Admission Fee: not included) site stands. Set in a rural area this ancient temple is particularly interesting as it has the largest and heaviest megaliths out of all the temple sites around the Maltese Islands, some slabs weighing a staggering 20 tons. This temple which dates back 3300BC, an era dominated by Neolithic man. We then continue to our next stop and an opportunity to experience a little local culture when visit the pretty traditional fishing village of Marsaxlokk. Marsaxlokk, is a quaint fishing village and is characterized by low lying buildings and the colourful traditional fishing boats known as the 'luzzu'. Our final stop during this tour will be to Mdina. Mdina is built on a plateau in the centre of the island, the cities old Baroque buildings, cathedral and magnificent bastion walls dominate the rural skyline. Mdina, once the capital of Malta until the modern city of Valletta was built had many names including Melita (Roman occupation), Medina (Arabic occupation), Citta Notabile (Knights of St. John) and Citta Vecchia (after Valletta was built). Today it is also referred as the Silent City since it inspires tranquility at any time of the day or night. The only way to really experience and enjoy this city is on foot, explore the quaint alleys, narrow streets, ancient buildings and magnificent far reaching views form the high bastion walls. Our tour at this point comes to an end and we head back.  

Day 3 (Tuesday) Malta WWII Experience
Malta Driver Guide Disposal: from h 9:30AM to h 4PM
Black-Out: Bank Holidays

Today we visit Malta War Museum (Admission fee: not included) who consist of an underground complex of tunnels and chambers that housed the War Headquarters from where the defense of Malta was conducted during the Second World War. This secret complex contained operations rooms for each of the fighting services from where not only the air defense of Malta was coordinated,  but also some of the greatest battles fought in the Mediterranean during the war. Lascaris was the advance Allied HQ from where General Eisenhower and his Supreme Commanders Admiral Cunningham, Field Marshal Montgomery and Air Marshal Tedder directed Operation Husky – the Invasion of Sicily in 1943. In the Post War years it became the Headquarters of the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet. Later, in the late 1960s, it was taken over by NATO to be used as a strategic Communication Centre. Later we continue to the Saluting Battery (Admission fee: not included) one of Malta's most vibrant visitor attractions where history is brought to life daily! It is also perhaps the oldest saluting battery still in operation anywhere in the world. For almost 500 years, its guns protected the harbour against naval assault. Its prominent position also ensured it becoming the island's principal saluting platform. Later this afternoon we then continue to the Fort Rinella (Admission fee: not included), built in 1878 by the British, Fort Rinella was the most technologically advanced war machine of its day. Powered by coal-fired steam driven hydraulics it could fire its monstrous 100-ton gun every six minutes, sending a one-ton shell up to a distance of eight miles to pierce no less than 21 inches (65cm) of ship armour!  

Day 4 (Wednesday) Malta/Sicily: Pozzallo port/Ragusa Ibla & Scicli/Siracusa
Malta Driver Disposal: transfer to the port
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 8:30AM to h 4PM

Today early departure to Malta port to catch on the ferry boat (Ferry tickets: included) to Pozzallo (Sicily). Around h 8:30AM ashore to Sicily and meet our staff awaiting for you showing a sign with your name. Then we travel to Ragusa Ibla highlights the wide array of Baroque architecture in Sicily, including several stunning palaces and churches. This afternoon onto Scicli, a small village listed also in the UNESCO-Baroque towns, but it is rather off the beaten track compared with its more visited neighbors Noto, Ragusa and Modica. This overlooked town has a scenic location and charm that at least matches its rivals, though, along with an enjoyable sense of discovery for the visitors who explore its streets. It does have an up-and-coming feel about it, so future visitors may find more tourist development, though hopefully that will not detract from its pleasant aura of exclusivity. Scicli shares its architectural heritage with other towns in the area, but it also has some unique attractions of its own, including a neatly-kept centre, fine clean stonework, and a dramatic situation in a basin overhung by churches and monasteries on high crags. Scicli is one of the filming locations for popular Sicilian Inspector Drama Il Commissario Montalbano (Montalbano Inspector), which is exported to several other countries, and viewers will enjoy spotting familiar scenes. Later departure for Siracusa.  

Day 5 (Thursday) Siracusa
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 10AM to h 1PM
Siracusa licensed local guide included for maximum 2 hours to visit the Archaeological Park

Today we visit through the Archaeological Park (Admission fee: not included) highlights the Greek Theatre, the Roman Amphitheatre and the Paradise Quarry. This afternoon is at leisure to explore Ortygia Island on your own.

Day 6 (Friday) Siracusa/Winery, WWII-Husky Campaign: Gela & Licata/Agrigento
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 9AM to h 4PM

Today we travel to the internal of Sicily to join a local winery in the province of Caltanissetta, which is recognized today as one of the best wine making regions in Italy thanks above all to its production of high quality, prestigious red wines. The 320 hectare estate also extends into the ancient lands of the Feudo and includes over 180 vineyards in an exclusive terriers, thanks to the warm and dry climate, which optimises the development and perfect ripening of the grapes, a sea breeze which carries all its benefits to the vines and the warm, strong sunlight which is so typical of the southern areas of the island. Snack and wine tastings at the winery. Later we then continue to the three important places famous during the WWII  and the Hasky Campaign by British-Canadian-American. The invasion of Sicily began on 10 July 1943 with both amphibious and airborne landings at the Gulf of Gela and north of Syracuse. We will drive from Gela to Licata. On arrival to Gela we see the bunkers and the WWII monument. Later we continue on to Agrigento. (S)

Day 7 (Saturday) Agrigento
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 9AM to h 1PM

Agrigento licensed local guide included for maximum 2 hours to visit the Temples Valley
we visit Agrigento and the finest of all ancient Greek sites—the complete Doric Temples (Admission fee: included). The balance of the day is at leisure.

Day 8 (Sunday) Agrigento/Off The Beaten Track Experience/Palermo
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 8:30AM to h 5PM

This morning we drive to the unique country town off the beaten track. First time visitors can’t help but be dazzled and awed when, from the provincial road that meanders from Agrigento inland along curves, twists and bends between mountains and hills, they are greeted by a uniquely spectacular view. On a lonely hill, in the center of the Platani river valley, surrounded by wild and harsh vegetation, a handful of houses lie on the sheer slope of the hill—this is the small town of Sant’Angelo M. Upon arrival meet the bakery owner. She will show us Pizza and Bread preparation. Simple, home-cooked snack in pic-nic style to taste Sicilian Pizza and Pane Cunsatu (a typical homemade bread with olive oil and pecorino cheese). During the afternoon, time for a brief visit to the tiny city center and local shops to view the local men who build the traditional straw fruit baskets Later we then continue to Palermo, the capital of Sicily. (S)

Day 9 (Monday) Palermo & Monreale
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 8:30AM to h 5:30PM

Monreale licensed local guide included for maximum 2 hours to visit the Dome and Abbeyk
Today we visit one of Palermo's great villa palaces, built in the Liberty style, sits within a spectacular garden. The villa was constructed in 1886 by Joseph Whitaker -- grandson of the famous English gentleman and wine merchant, Ingham, who moved to Sicily in 1806 and made a fortune producing Marsala wine. Whitaker had trees shipped to Palermo from all over the world to plant around his villa. These included such rare species as Dragon's Blood, an enormous banyan tree that happens to be the only one found in Europe. Local high society flocked here for lavish parties, and even British royalty visited. In World War II, Gen. George Patton temporarily stayed here as he planned the invasion of southern Italy--. Later continue to Monreale. Upon arrival we visit the Dome & the Abbey (Admission fee: not included) a magnificent example of fusion among the Islamic, the Byzantine and the Romanesque culture. Overlooking Palermo, the town of Monreale, from the Latin "Mons Regalis" (literally 'Royal Mountain'), straddles a slope of Mount Caputo about eight kilometers south of Palermo's cathedral. The Dome and its cloister represent the largest concentration of Norman, Arab and Byzantine art in one place. Famed for its glorious golden mosaics, Monreale Dome is perhaps the finest Norman building in Sicily. It was built in the 12th century as part of a grand royal complex a few miles outside of Palermo. Later we drive back to Palermo. Arrival and transfer to Piazza Pretoria. Then by walk we reach the famous “four corners” converge in a quartet of baroque palaces from the climax of the Spanish rule dating from 1560.  Then our short stroll will continue on to the lively Ballarò Market, a place overflowing with beautiful fresh fish, and local vegetables and cheeses.  Originating from the era when Sicily was occupied by the moors, this 1000 year old market has run much in the same manner for centuries.  It has strong Arab influences, resembling an eastern souk, and these influences are also evident in the merchandise itself.  Next to mounds of ricotta and caciocavallo cheeses, barrels of olives and fat slabs of swordfish sit saffron and other spices, as well as sacks of beans and gorgeous indigenous fruit and local vegetables.  Here we have the opportunity to taste a typical palermitano dish, such as the famous Panelle (a thin paste of crushed ceci/garbanzo beans rolled into sheets, fried and served in pizza-like slices).

Day 10 (Tuesday) Palermo/Marsala winery, olive oil farmhouse & Erice/Palermo
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 8:30AM to h 5:30PM

Early departure to tour western Sicily where we reach Marsala, a small village famous for its wines. The city maintained its place as a crucial maritime port under Byzantine, Arab and Norman rule. To the Arabs it was Mars el'Allah, literally "Port of Allah (God)," hence Marsala. Upon arrival we visit a local winery and taste local wines. Later to an olive oil farmhouse to taste organic olive oil and enjoy delicious meals. Light lunch at the olive oil farmhouse. This afternoon we continue onto Erice uptown. The Elymians settled the medieval town of Erice, which was an important religious site associated with the goddess Venus. Wander through its ancient streets and visit some of the famous homemade pastry shops—world-famous for marzipan candies and other delicacies like almond and pistachio pastries. We return to Palermo. (L)

Day 11 (Wednesday) Palermo/Piazza Armerina, Catania & the WWII Museum/Taormina
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 8:30AM to h 5:30PM
Piazza Armerina licensed local guide included for maximum 2 hours to visit the Roman Villa
Black-Out: Monday and Bank Holidays

Today departure for Piazza Armerina to view the ruins of the Roman Villa of Casale (Admission fee: not included). The mosaics discovered here are celebrated among scholars of antiquity. Later to Catania the city of lava, standing in the ominous shadow of Mount Etna. The town is called the city of “black and white” due to the white plaster and marble and black lava used widely in the city’s architectural adornment.  We visit the old city center in the Piazza Duomo with the Fountain of the Ancient Elephant.  This afternoon onto the WWII Memorial Museum (Admission fee: not included) dedicated to the Allied landed on the southern coast of Sicily on July 10, 1943. The invasion of Sicily is considered the beginning Italy's liberation from fascism. We then continue onto Taormina, the world famous resort town of Sicily.

Day 12 (Thursday) Taormina/Etna Volcano & winery/Taormina
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: from h 8AM to h 4PM
Today departure for the Etna volcano. To the ancient Greeks, Mount Etna was the realm of Vulcan, God of Fire, and the home of the one-eyed monster known as the Cyclops. Upon arrival jump the cable car ride (Cable Car Ride fee: included) up to 2.500 meters. Then walk around to enjoy the dark landscape that looks like a lunar view. Later to a local winery for a snack and wine tastings. The Etna wine-producing zone arcs around the eastern side of the volcano. The graduated topography creates a smooth spread of mesoclimates, as the land climbs up from near-sea-level to more than 3940ft (1200m). This afternoon we return to Taormina. (S)

Day 13 (Friday) Taormina
Sicily Driver Escort Disposal: no
Today is at leisure to enjoy the village. Taormina is a hill-village with a glossy sheen of glamour. A drink at the tables of Caffè Wunderbar (or similar) in Piazza IX Aprile may set you back a few euros, but you'll be basking where Tennessee Williams and Elizabeth Taylor basked before you. As well as the famed Greek-Roman Theatre (Admission fee: not included), there are several minor sites to be discovered around Taormina. The attractive principal thoroughfare, Corso Umberto is pedestrian and ideal for strolling and window-shopping. Picturesque lanes above and below the Corso are interesting to explore, while if you want to stretch your legs further there are attractive walks up into the hills, or down to the sea. Given its compact size, Taormina has a huge range of bars, cafes and restaurants where you can while away pleasant hours while admiring the views. Enjoy your stay at leisure in Taormina! 

Day 14 (Saturday) Taormina/Catania airport
Sicily Driver Disposal: transfer-out only
Today transfer to Catania airport (CTA).  

Meal Legend:  S Snack L Lunch or Light Lunch 



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