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Dishes, Genuine Cooking Class & History

Genuine Cooking Class & Street-Food

SPECIAL TOUR: Wine, Gastronomy & Cultural

Full Day Cooking Course
from 8.30AM to 4PM
Looking for an authentic, hands on, cooking course with homemade recipes and cooking tips that only a mom could provide?  Join Donna Franca in her home!  She is passionate about cooking, loves Sicilian food, and loves sharing it with others even more.  She's not a chef

Full Day Cooking Course
from 8.30AM to 2PM
Looking for an authentic, hands on, cooking course with homemade recipes Join Giovanna in her home!  She is passionate about cooking, loves Sicilian food, and loves sharing it with others even more.  She is a native Sicilian-American lady levers of local traditional dishes. She is not an official chef since she works as a teacher in a school but she loves dedicate time toclients sharing her dishes passion.


The Delights of Sicily is a eight days private tour, escorted by a Driver Escort able to introduce you in our historical and cultural land ...  indulging you in our delicious wines ... meals, recipes &  amazing highlights ...

and not protective  of her recipes!  Donna Franca opens her home to you so together you can learn and share in the joys of the Sicilian kitchen and cooking traditions. 
Donna Franca Cooking Experience
& Monreale mosaics
This morning you will meet your driver and transfer to Donna Franca's home. Upon arrival a brief recipe  introduction and a lecture concerning history and meals and the influence in our dishes coming from several dominations. We then start the Cooking Course: everybody will have 1 small egg, 100 gr (4/5 cup) White flour and ¼ tsp salt ... put the flour in a mound on the table...create a crater in the top of the flour mound and add the egg(s) and salt...knead until the dough is compact and well careful not to overwork the dough....then wrap the dough in a towel (otherwise it will become too dry and difficult to work with)....prepare your Ricotta Cheese filling....two hours later .... the ravioli are ready to cook! Fill a large pot with water and salt well....when water boils, add the ravioli and a spoon of olive oil (to prevent the pasta from sticking together)....fresh, handmade pasta requires only about 10 minutes to cook....once pasta is cooked, drain it using a plate the ravioli and dress it with fresh tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil leafs. Buon Appetito!  This afternoon a short drive takes us to Monreale, where the Arab-Norman art and architecture reached the pinnacle of its glory with the Duomo (Admission fee: included) , launched in 1174 by William II. It represents scenes from the Old and New Testaments all in golden mosaics. Later we drive you back at hotel (Hotel: not handled by us) (L)


Giovanna Cooking, market & Street-Meals
This morning meet Mrs Giovanna & the driver at hotel and transfer onto Palermo to Piazza Pretoria and Via Maqueda, whose famous “four corners” converge in a quartet of baroque palaces from the climax of the Spanish rule dating from 1560. From here a walking tour takes us to the old city centre exploring the lively Ballarò Market, a place overflowing with beautiful fresh fish, and local vegetables and cheeses. Originating from the era when Sicily was occupied by the moors, this 1000 year old market has run much in the same manner for centuries. It has strong Arab influences, resembling an eastern souk, and these influences are also evident in the merchandise itself. Next to mounds of ricotta and caciocavallo cheeses, barrels of olives and fat slabs of swordfish sit saffron and other spices, as well as sacks of beans and gorgeous indigenous fruit and local vegetables. Here we have the opportunity to taste a typical palermitano dish, such as the famous Panelle (a thin paste of crushed ceci/garbanzo beans rolled into sheets, fried and served in pizza-like slices). Here at the market we will purchase all the ingredients necessary for the class. We then move to Mrs Giovanna’s house. Upon arrival start the Cooking Course. At the end of the class, lunch will be served at Giovanna’s house to taste really genuine meals. Buon Appetito! This afternoon we drive back at hotel (Hotel: not handled by us) (L)


Rate per person | up to 2 people eur 250,00   Rate per person | min. 2 people eur 220,00

Rate per person | up to 6 people eur 190,00 Rate per person | min. 3 people eur 170,00

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